Alabama State FOP

Past Presidents

Loren Carroll
Loren CarrollPast President 1940's-1950's
Brother Loren Carroll served as Chief of Police in Huntsville, Alabama and was the third State FOP President.
T.L. Blakemore
T.L. BlakemorePast President 1950's
Brother T.L. Blakemore served as a Detective with the Huntsville Police Department and was the 5th State FOP President. Lodge 6 is named in his honor.
George Barron
George BarronPast President 1950's
Brother George Barron served as Chief of Police in Bessemer, Alabama and was the 6th State FOP President.
Jack Shouse
Jack ShousePast President 1950's
Brother Jack Shouse served as the 7th State FOP President
Barney Harding
Barney HardingPast President 1970-1972
Barney Harding joined the Alabama State FOP in 1969. He has served as Guard, Vice President and President while also serving on various committees. He was integral in establishing several Alabama lodges. He also served as legislative committee chairman, and the National By-laws committee chairman. He was active in lobbying efforts in the Alabama legislature as well as getting a Merit System Bill passed for free education for LEO families. Brother Harding served at the Huntsville Police Department, Scottsboro Police department, Fountail Correctional Center and Auburn Police Department.
Earnie Cantrell
Earnie CantrellPast President 1973-1976
Brother Earnie Cantrell serviced as a Sergeant with the Birmingham Police Department, the State FOP Secretary and Treasurer and was the 12th State FOP President.
Bob Bryant
Bob BryantPast President 1968-1973
Brother Bob Bryant served as a Lieutenant with the Montgomery Police Department and was the 11th State FOP President.
Larry Phillips
Larry PhillipsPast President 1978-1980
Brother Larry Phillips served as an Alabama State Trooper, State FOP Secretary/Treasurer and National FOP Trustee from Alabama. He served as the 14th State FOP President.
Curtis Poe
Curtis PoePast President 1980-1981
Brother Curtis Poe served as Captain of Alabama Marine Police and the Conductor for the Alabama State FOP. He was the 15th State FOP President.
Joe Connick, III
Joe Connick, IIIPast President 1981-1982
Brother Joe Connick is a third generation law enforcement officer. He served with the Mobile Police Department and attended the National FBI Academy 119th Session. He served as the 16th State FOP President.
Horace Hodges
Horace HodgesPast President 1983-1985
Brother Horace Hodges served as a Captain with the Tuscaloosa Police Department and as National FOP Trustee representing Alabama. He served as the 17th State FOP President.
Jack Gold
Jack GoldPast President 1994-1997
Brother Jack Gold served as a Detective with the Huntsville Police Department and was the 21st State FOP President.
Walter Crook
Walter CrookPast President 1986-1988
Brother Walter Crook is a 50 year member of the Alabama Fraternal Order of Police where he has served in a number of capacities during his tenure. He began his career with the Gulf Shores Police Department and moved to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department where he served as Sergeant and Investigator. He later moved to the Foley Police Department where he was hired as Chief Investigator before his retirement. He is a charter member of Baldwin County Lodge #43 and currently serves as Chaplain for Lodge 43. He was elected Alabama FOP Member of the Year in 1984 and again in 2017.
Jack Manley
Jack ManleyPast President 1989-1990
Jack Manley joined the FOP in 1983 at King Hubbard Lodge 10. He became Chief of Police in Valley, AL in 1985 and transferred to Chambers County Lodge 20. He was elected as State Conductor in the State Lodge, and was elected Vice-president, and State President in 1989and 1990. In1993 he was elected as the State Lodge member on APOSTC.
Jim Ballard
Jim BallardPast President
Brother Jim Ballard served as State President for the Alabama State Lodge. He was a long-time member of Anniston Lodge 4. Brother Ballard passed away in 2022.
John Samniego
John SamniegoPast State President 1997-2001
John Samniego served as President of the Alabama State FOP from 1997-2001. Beginning his law enforcement service over 40 years ago, after graduating from the University of Alabama, John worked for the Tuscaloosa Police Department where he dedicated more than 20 years to Narcotics Investigations before being promoted to Assistant Chief of Police of the Tuscaloosa Police Department. He first came to Shelby County as the Chief Deputy of the Sheriff’s Office in 2003, and he served in this capacity until he was elected to the office of Sheriff in 2014. In his 40+ years in law enforcement, over 25 years of this experience has been in supervisory and command-level roles. He was elected Sheriff of Shelby County in 2015 where he is currently serving.
Bill Davis
Bill DavisPast President 2003-2011
Bill Davis started his law enforcement career with the Huntsville Police Department on September 17, 1973 and joined the T.L. Blakemore Lodge number 6 shortly after that in 1973. He served in several positions on the local board including President from 1994 to 2016. From 1997 to 2003 he held the State positions of Sergeant at Arms, Second Vice President, and Vice President, then in 2003 ran for President unopposed and served 8 years in that position. At present he is the longest serving President in the history of the state lodge. Brother Davis is currently a member of Albuquerque New Mexico Lodge #1 and currently serve as the Vice President. He has been a member of the FOP consistently for 47 years and still serving.
T.J. Phillips
T.J. PhillipsPast President 2011-2016
TJ Phillips started his law enforcement career in 1985 with Dothan Police Department and retired in 2012. He has been an active member of the Fraternal Order of Police since 1985. He served as local lodge president from 1991 to 2003, was selected local lodge member of the year in 2005 and was selected as Alabama State Member of the year in 2005. He has served as Member of the Year Committee chairperson and the Vest Committee chairperson. Brother Phillips was elected Sergeant of Arms with the State Lodge in 2003 to 2006, 2nd Vice President 2006-2008, Vice President 2008-2011, and State President 2011-2016 and has been an active Past President since 2018. He also served on Membership Recruitment and Retention – Southeast District with the Grand Lodge from 2011-2015.