Brothers and Sisters,




As we continue to push back on the false narratives around the country, the FOP has developed our own commercial for social media to help push the facts to the public. This video is done in the same manner as our previous successful commercials on use of force and WEP. It highlights recent polling that confirms the overwhelming majority of Americans support police officers and do not support police being defunded or dismantled.


We want this video to reach as many people as possible. It is now live on Facebook and twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Can you please make sure that you, your state, your locals lodge and every member is aware of this commercial and share/like on Facebook/ Instagram and like/retweet on twitter.


We will also be sending out a push notification “Call to Action” and posting the commercial in our mobile app, this way we can mobilize the nearly 6500 members who have downloaded.


The links are as follows:






This is an all hands on deck situation as the bigger this commercial goes, the more people will get educated on what is actually going on with the American public. Thank you all in advance for your support and effort in making this push.


I would like to close by thanking Vice President Joe Gamaldi for his hard work on this powerful commercial. Next week you will see additional commercials released by the Fraternal Order of Police. Please be sure to share and retweet as well.


Stay Safe,

Patrick Yoes

National President

Fraternal Order of Police